Frequently Asked Questions



1. How can I get a book published?

If you want to have your precious research published with meticulous care, you have come to the right place. Therefore, we are open to your suggestions.

Vous a d'abord envoyé votre travail à partir du site WebVous a d'abord envoyé votre travail à partir du site Web

After the reviewing process finishes and if our publishing board decides to add your work to our publishing program, we will arrange a copyright agreement with you and decide, again in accordance with our publishing board's decision, a possible date of publication. However, costs must be paid to our account prior to printing process.

2. How can I get my book translated?

We can get your book translated into English or French by professional translators employed by our publishing house. Therefore, you should send your work in a Word file to  e-mail address. We will inform you about translation costs. Once an agreement has been reached, half the translator's fee should be received. Once the translation is done, the remaining fee is paid and your translated work is sent to you.