General Terms and Conditions of Use

This page sets out the general terms and conditions of use (hereinafter the “T&Cs”) of the website



The purpose of these T&Cs is to govern the use of by its users.

Livre de Lyon reserves the right to update and amend these T&Cs at any time, without the user’s prior consent. Any amendments made will be effective from the day they are published online. Users are therefore encouraged to check them regularly.



2.1 User obligations and responsibilities

2.1.1 General obligations

All users who use the Site undertake to comply with the stipulations of these T&Cs and any other conditions or policy in effect on the, and in particular to:

use the for the purposes set out in these T&Cs;

use for strictly personal purposes. Among other things, users undertake not to use the for commercial purposes or to send unsolicited advertising or promotional materials;

not to breach or attempt to breach the security or integrity of the Site;

not to commit or attempt to commit any fraudulent act, by any means whatsoever;

not to seek to damage, as defined in articles L.323-1 et seq. of the French Criminal Code, the automated data processing systems implemented to operate the

Users are informed that any breach of these stipulations is likely to result in legal proceedings and sanctions in respect of their actions.


2.1.2 Obligations and technical constraints

A number of technical prerequisites are necessary for the Site to run smoothly. These are subject to change, in light of the constant technical development of the internet.

Livre de Lyon cannot be held liable under any circumstances for interruptions resulting from the normal operational limitations of the internet and the consequences that may arise as a result.

In general terms, users undertake not to take any action that might hinder or disrupt the smooth operation or accessibility of, in particular in relation to its IT configuration or the operational status of its hardware.

The cost of access to and browsing are borne exclusively by the user.



2.2 Livre de Lyon obligations and responsibilities

Livre de Lyon’s general obligation as the publisher of the is an obligation to use its best endeavors and users acknowledge that Livre de Lyon is under no obligation to achieve a specific result or commit additional resources of any kind.

The is accessible 24/7. Continuous access to the Site is not, however, guaranteed. Livre de Lyon reserves the right, without prior notice, to suspend, interrupt or limit access to all or part of the, in particular for maintenance operations and upgrades required for the smooth running of the and the associated hardware, or for any other reason, without the user having any right of recourse against Livre de Lyon. Livre de Lyon cannot be held liable for any harm of any kind that could result from such changes and/or the unavailability of the

Livre de Lyon cannot guarantee that the or the server on which it is hosted are free from viruses or other hazards. Users must take all appropriate measures to protect their own data and/or software from contamination by any viruses that may be circulating on the internet.

Users are hereby informed that Livre de Lyon may shut down or change the nature of at any time, without notice.

Livre de Lyon makes every effort to ensure the quality of the content published on However, it cannot guarantee the accuracy, current nature, completeness, or updating of the information and documents published on and cannot be held liable for existing errors or omissions.

Livre de Lyon is not responsible for the content of sites accessed via the hypertext links featured on, or which are linked to it by any means whatsoever.

Livre de Lyon declines any responsibility in the event of:

a) A viral attack leading, in particular, to intrusion into its information systems or a theft of data;

b) Abnormal or unlawful use of the;

c) a user’s breach of the contractual documents, in particular, these T&Cs;

d) Accidental, material and/or immaterial, direct and/or indirect harm that could result from access to or use of the, including inaccessibility, loss of data, deterioration, destruction or viruses that could affect the user’s computer equipment, and/or the presence of viruses on its

Under no circumstances can Livre de Lyon be held liable except in the case of proven negligence.



The is a protected work. The trademarks, slogans, graphic elements, photographs, videos, databases, and texts published on are the exclusive property of Livre de Lyon. Legal action will be taken in response to any reproduction, use or representation of such elements.

The same applies to the IT developments, technologies and underlying developments that make up Legal action will therefore be taken in response to any reproduction, decompiling, or disassembly without express prior authorization from Livre de Lyon.

Livre de Lyon grants users the right to use for strictly personal needs and solely for private, non-professional, and not-for-profit purposes.

Any total or partial reproduction of the content by any process whatsoever is prohibited and constitutes an act of fraud sanctioned by articles L.335-2 et seq. and articles L.713-1 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code. Users undertake not to use any of’s content outside the context of these terms and conditions.



Livre de Lyon may gather personal data from you for the purpose of online applications.

Livre de Lyon, complies with the French Data Protection Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, the European Data Protection Regulation and Act no. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy.


Failure to rely on a particular clause in these T&Cs, either permanently or temporarily, cannot under any circumstances be deemed a waiver of the rights arising from this clause. Should any of the provisions in these T&Cs be declared null and void, it will be deemed never to have existed and will not in any way affect the remaining clauses, which will retain their full effect.



The and these T&Cs are subject to French law.